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The council-led Wolves at Work initiative seeks to improve labour market access and opportunities for disadvantaged communities, increase employment rates and support inclusive economic growth.

As a market-led programme, the project provides training and support to participants that connect with local and national employer requirements, helping to address skills gaps in the local labour market.

Working with partners such as DWP, the project supports city residents into sustainable employment for a minimum of 12 weeks and/or training opportunities.

The project team also works with the other Towns Fund projects on the Social Value aspect of their programme.

Aims of the project

The aims of the project are to deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduction in unemployment in the city
  • Mitigate impact of covid-19 on young people
  • Increased alignment of skills levels to meet employer needs
  • Increase the number of jobs

Key milestones

  • Towns Fund project delivery started December 2021 with completion March 2026.