Computer generated image of what the new public space at Bilston High Street Link site could look like.

Computer generated image of what the new public space at Bilston High Street Link site could look like.

Bilston Market is the most successful market in Wolverhampton. Its success is crucial to the future prosperity of the town.

This investment will maximise the visibility of the market and enhance the vital pedestrian access from the neighbouring Bus/Metro station. Some of the existing structures will be demolished to make way for a new facility to suit current and future requirements with multi-use event/market space, while reconfiguring the existing uses and enhancing the entrance’s focal points to the indoor market.

There will also be a flexible multi-use event/market space created to attract events.

Wolverhampton has successfully bid for £20million to help deliver its transformative Bilston Health & Regeneration Programme (HaRP). Part of this funding will provide additional money to enable the full scope of works at the market to be undertaken including boundary improvements, a full package of new signage, a complete renewal of all trader car parks and provision of a new taxi drop-off and bike hub adjacent to the existing bus/metro interchange. Public spaces will also benefit from enhanced landscaping.

Aims of the project

The redevelopment of the markets area exploits its relationship with the High Street through Market Way making it stronger and more appealing. It also consolidates the relationship with the adjacent transport interchange.

The proposals strengthen the relationship between the indoor and outdoor markets and creates flexible space for events.

A re-orientation of the outdoor market stalls towards the indoor market enables the release of land for new commercial development creating new jobs and a new destination for the town.

Land is also to be made available for a taxi drop-off and a cycle hub, supporting the bus and metro facility and providing “last mile” solutions reducing reliance on private transport and contributing to carbon reduction. This is especially important for the development of the evening economy which focusses on more recent investment in Bilston Town Hall as an events space and the reopening of the Robin music venue.

The proposal vastly increases the positive impact of the market to people using the Black Country Route to which it has a long frontage. Currently the view of the market from the south is restricted to the traders’ car park and this represents a missed opportunity to showcase the markets and the wider town centre to potential customers.

Key milestones

  • Design & Stakeholder Development - Q1 2022 to Q2 2024
  • Construction works commence – Q3 2024
  • Project completion - Q4 2025