Wednesfield suffers from high levels of deprivation and low levels of footfall along the main high street, and the lack of connectivity between the out-of-town retail park Bentley Bridge and the traditional high street.

This project contributes to City of Wolverhampton Council’s vision of revitalising the city’s economy, building on existing strengths by increasing visitor numbers, generating footfall and local spend within the towns and villages in the wider city region.

City and town centres have not been immune from the national decline of physical retail, this coupled with falling spending power for residents has meant city and town centres face a number of acute challenges. While broader economic decline of the high street is a significant factor in the challenge faced, we can also attribute poor environmental and public realm infrastructure as a key driver of high vacancy rates and low footfall, as evidenced through stakeholder engagement over several years. In recent years, a number of local, regional and national reports and studies have highlighted these challenges and have provided insight into the opportunities which this project can provide.

Aims of the project

This project aims to boost Wednesfield High Street by providing environmental enhancements to the public realm, shop fronts and market.

The aim of this project is to encourage increased footfall, linked trips and increased dwell-time with improved seating areas, drawing in greater footfall and assisting businesses in remaining viable.

The objectives for the scheme involve the following:

  • Increasing footfall to Wednesfield High Street and Lichfield Road
  • Reduction in retail unit vacancy rates as a result of increased footfall
  • Improved public realm
  • Retention of existing jobs within the Town Centre through revitalisation of the area
  • Improved open space amenities
  • Increased connectivity of the Town Centre

Through the achievement of the objectives, Wednesfield will see vibrancy brought back into the high street and surrounding areas, an increase to its local economy and a more welcoming high street for all demographics.

Key milestones

  • Design & Stakeholder Development - Q1 2023 to Q3 2024
  • Construction works commence – Q4 2024
  • Project completion – Q2 2025