Released: September 8, 2022

Oxley health & wellbeing facility and new homes design to be showcased to community

The latest design for the construction of an Oxley health & wellbeing facility and new homes will be shared by City of Wolverhampton Council at a public consultation on Saturday, September 24.

Former Oxley Day Training Centre (centre of photo)
Former Oxley Day Training Centre (centre of photo)

Local residents can view the design outside the Probert Road Surgery, between 3.30pm and 6pm, ahead of it being submitted as part of the outline planning application for this important community asset later this year.

The Council approved the creation of a modern health & wellbeing facility and new homes on the site of the former Oxley Day Training Centre in March.

A feasibility study for the scheme on the vacant, Council-owned Probert Road site has been undertaken and feedback from stakeholders and the public at July’s community event has shaped the final design.

Councillor Bhupinder Gakhal, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing, said: “This is an ambitious proposal that makes use of a brownfield site that is no longer in use.

“Following our successful community event held earlier this summer and the engagement workshop with stakeholders, we gained very useful feedback from a cross section of the community.

“The feedback received was instrumental in shaping the final design of the Oxley project as it helped identify further opportunities to benefit the community - and we are looking forward to showcasing it to residents on September 24.

“The new community facility will provide invaluable health & wellbeing services for the local community and will also help deliver more and better homes in Oxley.”

The Council has been working closely with the NHS Black Country & West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group (now NHS Black Country Integrated Care Board), Oxley Stafford and Probert Road GP surgeries, the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, and Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to develop a clinical service model. This will provide improved Council health and family services with integrated general medical services, more integrated working between primary care, community services, social care and secondary care providers, accommodation for local GP practices, a base for community nursing teams and a clinical bookable suite to support local delivery of ‘out of hospital’ services.

The residential accommodation proposal will include an opportunity for key worker housing and affordable living. The proposal allows for a mix of up to 24 housing units across the site with a view to partnering with a Housing Association that can support the new Government Self & Custom Build initiative.

Anyone who requires any further information about the community event should email or call 01952 221281.