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Back to Business Webinars

Whilst it will not be business as usual over the coming months there will be a need to re-focus back on to the main aspects of running a business. The impact of COVID-19 on the way we run our business will be with us for some time. How we market the businesses, finance the business and manage cashflow, manage and develop our workforce, innovate, and provide leadership will no doubt change – maybe for a matter of months, maybe permanently.

Building on the experience we have in delivering our AIM for GOLD Business Growth Programme and working in partnership with the City’s Economic Growth Board we will be hosting a series of back to work Webinars and Surgeries.

Delivered by local businesses and through an exploratory Q and A format, these webinars are designed by businesses for businesses. Starting on Tuesday 11th August these will run weekly each Tuesday with an interactive Business Surgery each Friday to capture, address and respond to questions arising from the webinar. The webinars will run for no longer than 30 minutes, they will be focused and precise, and will be supported by additional written material and the opportunity to access ongoing mentoring support from the business representatives.

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Back to Business Workbooks

To support the webinars, we have produced a series of workbooks revisiting the approach to marketing, finance, workforce development, innovation and leadership in light of COVID-19. These summarise the key points in the webinar, provide some top tips and can be used to apply the learning to your business.

Finance Webinar Workbook

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