COVID-19 Business Support

Our COVID-19 Champions

(Good Practice - Adapting to the needs of the NHS)

Over the past few weeks we have been amazed and immensely proud as Wolverhampton companies have responded to the call to support the needs of the NHS and care sector. There has been some quick repositioning, re-engineering and re-prioritising to provide a range of equipment from ventilators through to PPE. Productive capacity has been re-focused and scaled up and much needed vital equipment is now with local hospitals and care workers. If you are supporting the NHS and want to share your story please email details to:

Here are just some of the great stories of our COVID-19 Champions:

  • Airguard Filters - manufacturer of all types of industrial and HVAC filters were “called to arm” to produce PPE for the NHS frontline staff. Within 7 days they were manufacturing and supplying single use coveralls and surgical gowns for Royal Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley CCG, Hereford Worcester CCG, Worcester Acute NHS as well as Wolverhampton City Council.
  • Medical Devices Technology Industries – developing a community portal ventilator, carrying out the design and testing and purchasing of a 3D printer to make the ventilators with a third-party manufacturer.
  • Bluesky Cosmetics – within days of the lockdown, this innovative cosmetics manufacturer added production of hand sanitiser to their product portfolio and sourced essential PPE to support regional NHS and Councils.
  • Metal Finishers – scaffolding company now helping supply face masks to the NHS. The PPE is made in a factory next door to the one Metal Sprayers has a joint venture agreement with in China. As such they know the factory owners well. When the virus hit, the company alongside the local temple started a fundraiser to help buy masks and gift to the NHS. They purchased the first batch of masks and had them air freighted over to the UK for distribution to the NHS.
  • DIS - have been printing material patterns so that volunteers can make scrubs for NHS staff to purchase at cost from volunteers (it covers the cost of buying the material not the labour to make these).
  • Ten Point Nine Tailoring - have been making cotton masks for NHS staff, plus making take home bags which the NHS staff remove their work wear into before leaving work and can then put into the washing machine without touching the garments making it safer for them to take home their work wear.

Our COVID-19 Leaders

(Good Practice - Adapting the Business Model)

Over the past few weeks we have also been impressed with the number of companies that have either revisited or had already adapted their business model. Whilst we appreciate this was simply not possible for some companies, and beset with challenges for others, we did think there was merit in sharing examples of those who were adapting to the economic environment presented by COVID-19.

Some of these we have picked up through LinkedIn, some via the wider media, and some from our direct contacts. If you want to share what you are doing to adapt your business model or operating arrangements, how you have continued trading through new products, services, markets, or how you are planning to bounce back over the coming weeks, then please share with us at:

In the meantime, here is the first of our featured companies who are adapting...could you learn from any of these?

  • ASH Plastics – manufacturer of retail display stands now producing clear plastic guards for tills at supermarkets.

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